Oldham and Me

I saw my first live game of Rugby on 9th December 1984, and we beat Barrow 44-8 (I must confess - I had to look that up). We won the next 2 games I went to as well, I've often wondered if I'd have gone back if we'd lost them ! Unlike most people I didn't start watching as a kid, I was 21, indeed growing up 5 nations Rugby Union on the TV was "Rugby" as far as I was concerned. Those first few visits to Sheddings convinced me I'd found something better and I've been hooked ever since.

Unfortunately just after discovering the game I got a job in Birmingham and then moved to Southend which limited the games I could go to, though it does mean I'm one of the few people to have seen Southend Invicta play at home. Even after I returned 'up North' I lived in Salford for years, so with no car I saw Swinton and Salford almost as much as the Roughyeds, though there was never any doubt where my allegance lay !

A move to Sale (still no car !) meant I added Trafford Borough to my list of 'second teams' but the purchase of a Fiesta meant 7 years in which I missed 1 Oldham game and did a large number of A team games as well.

I'm not quite that fanatical these days, and summer rugby, mixed with other sporting commitments, means I don't see as many games as I would like these days but like the club I'm still in there fighting !

My XIII top games

I've only included matches I actually attended.....

My XIII Favourite Oldham players

Not in any particular order !