Year in review, 1998

Player of the year

Paul Round did a first rate job as elder statesman but player of the year must be Michael Edwards for his thrilling all action play at prop.

Season highlights

There were 2:

Season lows


The best part of the new club's first season was that the team was on the pitch and playing in Oldham. The team were at a disadvantage from the start because they didn't receive any of the Murdoch money enjoyed by other clubs.

Good performances in mid season took the team to the Trans Pennine cup final at Batley in front of a crowd that seemed 80% Oldham supporters. The team froze on the day though and never seemed to get going again in the league. Promotion had looked a realistic proposition for most of the season, but as hopes faded at the end of the year and the board panicked and sacked Paddy Kirwan as coach.

The new team 1998